Sunday, 1 December 2013

A day return to Scilly - 30th November

A brief visit to Cornwall this weekend for my first trip of the season to the Isles of Scilly aboard Scillonian III . . . . . making her final sailing of the season.

Alongside at St Mary's for a quick turnaround - crane in use both ways to maximise the time available. Hope all ended up at the right terminal! 

As sailing time approached it was time to join the queue for the sailing back to Penzance.

Departing St Mary's for the final time in 2013. 

The usual three short blasts were followed by a prolonged one to signal the final departure.  

Returning through Crow Sound, used on both inbound and outbound.

Final look at the Islands as we headed back to the mainland. 

Runnel Stone and Longships in the distance. 

Approaching Penzance. 

 Alongside and finished with engines - 36th year in service completed.

For those who have not traveled on the ship this season  here's a look aboard showing the results of an extensive refit last winter by Penzance Dry Dock. 

Much of the work went on below decks and has resulted in a modern, clean and stylish finish making the ship ready for many more years in service. 

Dining Saloon on the main deck. 

Main deck seating area.

Upper Deck seating area.

A great improvement to the experience the passenger gets aboard, perhaps the only shame is the loss of the 'Lyonesse Lounge' area (see below) now a coffee bar in the style of the Main Deck dining area. 


photographic allsorts said...

Yes, I agree Chris, that was my impression too. Locating the coffee bar in the forward area of the ship not a good idea either. As was illustrated by the ladies celebrating a Birthday !! Hope their seasickness didn't spoil their day.

Richard said...

Lovely photographs of fascinating shipping subjects, by a good maritime photographer.
Thank you Chris.