Saturday, 16 November 2013

PS Medway Queen - Departs Avonmouth

Yesterday afternoon the long awaited sailing of PS Medway Queen from Avonmouth took place. Tug and tow had been waiting a suitable weather window to head to the paddle steamers home at Gillingham Pier on the River Medway. 

The former Naval tug Christine 'hipped up' to PS Medway Queen ready to depart.

Approaching Avonmouth Lock.

Alongside in Avonmouth Lock.

Christine takes the strain and the lock awakes to the sound of her turbocharged Lister Blackstone . . . . a proper tugboat engine! 

PS Medway Queen obediently follows.  

Tug and tow rounded Land's End this morning and to use a technical phrase, they are going like the clappers up the English Channel! A wonderful achievement to all involved in the project! For more information see Paddle Steamer Medway Queen Preservation Society.


Perranlady said...

Ah ! I'd worked out that she had been waiting in Avonmouth for suitable weather. Super photosof yours - as you said we noticed just how quickly she passed us and disappeared over Cudden Point. Sue

Chris Jones said...

Hi Sue, it made the escape easier having her in Avonmouth. Pleased to have assisted the project. Hope you're well. Chris