Thursday, 25 July 2013

HHL Venice

HT Cutlass onboard as deck cargo.

Along with Svitrzer Anglia.

And HT Scimitar 

Alongside in Avonmouth

Departing Avonmouth. 

Svitzer Moira passing her former fleetmates. 

Bound for South America. 


Perranlady said...

Love to see the heavy lifters - are the tugs off to work or be scrapped in South America ? Sue

Chris Jones said...

Off for further service - plenty of years left in those 3.

Perranlady said...

Hi Chris

Take a look at this blog
If you scroll down you will find a lovely photo of the Paddle Steamer Waverley up in Scottish waters at the moment Blog writer Paul is in Gourock at the moment collecting the new multi million £ ferry for the Rasaay - Skye run - whilst 37 year ols Scillonian still plods on.