Monday, 17 June 2013

PS Kingswear Castle - Dartmouth to Totnes 16 June 2013

First passenger sailing on the River Dart Paddle Steamer 'Kingswear Castle' to Totnes from Dartmouth since  1965. The vessel was restored and owned by the Paddle Steamer Preservation Society. Having returned to the Dart in late 2012 she is now on charter to Dartmouth Steam Railway and Riverboat Company and offering harbour and river cruises as she was built to do in 1924. 

Lovely summer weather greeted those joining the ship at Dartmouth . . 

. . no deterrent to this hardy 'steamer passenger'. 

KC's aft deck benefits from a cover protecting passengers from the elements whilst still offering a panoramic view. The vessel also has two saloons below one with a retail outlet.

Passing her place of build, Philip and Sons yard. 

Paddling up the Dart - will look stunning in Autumn! 


Passing one of the vessels that replaced the paddle steamers on the Dart.  

The remains of KC's predecessor also named Kingswear Castle. The current KC uses the engines out of the originals, these were built by Falmouth based company Cox and Sons in 1904.

Approaching Totnes. 

Coming alongside 'Steamer Quay' where members of the PSPS Wessex and Dart Branch joined the ship. 

Alongside 'Steamer Quay' 

Turning at Totnes. 

Dartmouth Castle overtaking KC in the river. 

Alongside in Dartmouth 

In the afternoon KC undertook another sailing, a short harbour cruise, and proudly flew the flag of the Paddle Steamer Preservation Society presented to her skipper on arrival at Totnes.

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