Friday, 19 October 2012

PS Waverley - River Thames 13 October

Final set of pictures taken on the Thames of PS Waverley, and the final time I'll see her this year . . .

At the start of the Day PS Waverley and her attending tug Revenge at wait for sailing time at Tower Pier. 

The view from the bridge heading through the Thames Barrier.

Shipping outbound from Tilbury. 

The Thames sailing Barge 'Cambria'

PS Waverley's engine room,  a huge draw for all ages!

Great cruising weather, where was the sun for the rest of the 2012 sailing season!  

At Gravesend Pier 

Departing Gravesend on an afternoon cruise up the Thames . . . 

. . . . and thanks to a good train service we see her in the Pool of London assisted by Revenge. 

Here's to 2013 . . . . and many more years of paddling!


Perranlady said...

Wonderful set of photos of the old lady Chris, amazed at how many people are on board ! Such a pity she passed us in the dark, hopefully the calmer weather will last for the rest of her journey to Glasgow. Sue

Chris Jones said...

Thanks Sue, it was great to see her with so many on, she's an expensive old lady to operate. She's off West Wales right now so going well. Bet those who built her for service on the Clyde in 1946 would have dreamt she'd be steaming up the Irish Seain 2012! Shame she passed in the dark, shes been in Mounts Bay a couple of times to shelter, most recently in 2004 see-