Sunday, 23 September 2012

PS Waverley - Paddling on the South Coast

A selection of pictures from a cruise on Waverley on 21 September from Southampton to Yarmouth via Portsmouth. 

First we see a fine selection of Britains Maritime Heritage Collection - from left to right the Tug Tender Calshot, Calshot Spit Lightship, Paddle Steamer Waverley and the Steam Ship Shiedhall. The block of flats in the background is apparently a cruise ship! 

Waverley waiting for her passengers at Southampton.


Red Eagle outbound to Cowes.

Paddling along Southampton Water. 

St Helen outbound from Portsmouth

Hovercraft on a flight from Southsea to Ryde. 

Entering Portsmouth Harbour.

Tug/workboat Peter James to tend to Waverley in the Harbour as required.

The Bristol built Spirit of Gosport. 

Wight Ryder I inbound to Portsmouth. 

HMS Warrior

UK Boarder Agency's HMC Sentinal in Yarmouth Roads. 

THV Galatea in Yarmouth Roads 

Waverley approaching Yarmouth Pier. 

The graceful lines of stretched Class 42 HMS Edinburgh on display at Portsmouth, soon she will be gone . . . 

SD Netley sporting Serco's new colours. 

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Perranlady said...

Great shots of Waverley Chris - so good to see the old boat still carrying passengers - think she's been up in Scotland during the Summer. Sue