Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Fisher 25 'Picaro' meets Paddle Steamer 'Waverley'

A maiden voyage for Picaro out into the Bristol Channel this evening to see PS Waverley at Penarth Pier. 

Departing Cardiff Barrage at half tide. Tide today was 11.6 metres high, average by Bristol Channel standards! 

Clearing the Wrach Channel.

Waverley approaching Penarth.

Off to see the 'paddler' 

 Waverley alongside at Penarth Pier.

With '1 long and 1 short' Waverley pulls away. Her Master, Capt Ian Clarke has taken to promoting her with this on departure from every port of call. A great touch and good PR for her.

Off to Weston then Avonmouth.

Returning to Cardiff Bay on 'Picaro'.

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