Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Paddle Steamer Waverley - back on the Bristol Channel.

When I took the below picture on Sunday 19th June 2011 I did wonder it it'd be the last time PS Waverley would sail on the Bristol Channel. With the poor financial climate, rising fuel costs and poor weather not helping things weren't looking too good for The Worlds Last Sea Going Paddle Steamer. A few 'die hard'supporters stood in silence as she slipped behind Lavernock Point and onwards into the night . .  

Following the success of an appeal PS Waverley has continued to operate and today marked her first sailing of her rather brief 2012 visit. The ship sails here until she moves to the South Coast and then Thames. See Waverley Excursions for more info and sailing details. Don't take her continued operation for granted . . .

Here we see her arriving at Penarth this evening from Minehead. In rather poor conditions the ship completed her schedule with the exception of the cruise from Minehead to Porlock.

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