Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Royal Navy - P2000 Archer Class

Here's a selection of P2000 Archer Class navyal vessels that have visited the Bristol Channel in recent years. Primarily used in training role, mainly with University Royal Navy Units, however they are also called upon for other duties as required. As the UK's Navy fleet reduces their workload will more than likelyincrease. More info here Royal Navy - P2000 Archer Class

 HMS Biter, departing Penarth Marina

 HMS Charger, departing Penarth Marina

 HMS Exploit exercising in Cardiff Bay

 HMS Express in the original RNXS colours at Penarth Marina. She now carries the standard battleship grey hull colour.

HMS Raider and HMS Tracker alongside at Cardiff Pierhead.

 HMS Raider and HMS Tracker in Cardiff Bay.

HMS Tracker in Cardiff Bay.

 HMS Smiter departing Penarth Marina.

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