Friday, 9 September 2011

MV Balmoral, the final chapter . . . . for 2011

With poor weather cancelling Balmoral's sailings for nearly a week along with a poor forcast for the week ahead the wise decision was made to withdraw the ship from service . Here's a few pictures from her passage from Avonmouth to Bristol City Docks today. Waverley continues to operate until mid September although the week ahead is likely to see some changes/cancallations as the poor weather continues. The ship will be operating on the South Coast, Thames and Clyde - timetables and booking information here - If you're unable to travel on her remaining sailings why not donate to the appeal to see the ships operate during 2012 . . . . . .

In Avonmouth Lock

Approaching the River Avon

Leaving the Bristol Channel behind for 2011.

Heading up the River Avon.

The iconic Bristol Suspension Bridge.

Locking into Bristol City Docks.

Bristol City Council's workboat Albion standing by.

Heading up City Docks.

Pride of Bristol - a former Royal Navy Fleet Tender

Former RMAS fleet tender Bee, now a liveaboard .

The World Oldest tug Mayflower getting ready for a weekend operating harbour cruises .. .
John King and Pyronaught

Coming alongside for the final time in 2011 . . .

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