Friday, 24 June 2011


Recently announced is another opportunity to spend the day as 'crew' aboard Paddle Steamer Kingswear Castle. For more information see -

Sunday, 19 June 2011

PS Waverley heads for home . .

Here's a selection of pictures from PS Waverley's final call at Penarth Pier for the 2011 season.

Penarth Lifeboat out on a training exercise.

A few shipping movements for Cardiff this evening. PS Waverley on her final approach to the pier.

Departing Penarth for Greenock Direct!

A final glimpse of the paddle steamer as she heads around Lavernock Point. MV Balmoral commences her 2011 season on the Bristol Channel on 2 July - more information on

PS Waverley will spend the main summer months on the Clyde, she is well worth visiting in her native waters. In Speptember she visits the South Coast and then onwards to the Thames area before returning for one final weekend on the Clyde before she finishes with engines for 2011 . . don't forget the Waverley Appeal if you want to do it all again next year!!

PS Waverley Bristol Channel Day 10 (the final day)

Having departed Avonmouth early this morning Waverley was unable to berth ar Clevedon and made for Penarth. The ship remained alongside for over 1 hour - presumably waiting for those passangers whe decided to drive across from Clevedon for the cruise.

The sailing had been ammended and the ship went to Ilfracombe with a Exmoor coast cruise in place of Lundy Island . . . right to the last the weather has done damage to her operation in the area! She loaded a good number of passengers at Penarth however.

If the 2011 Appeal to raise funds for the ships operation fails today will go down in history as the day the final Paddle Steamer excursion sailed from Penarth Pier ending a tradition that started in 1895 . .

Friday, 17 June 2011

PS Waverley - Bristol Channel Days 8 & 9

Due to poor weather today's private charter sailing had to be cancelled and the ship entered Avonmouth Dock this morning where she remains alongside.

The poor weather has also led to the cancellation of tomorrow's sailing from Newport and Penarth to Ilfracombe.

The next and final sailing in the Bristol Channel will be on Sunday June 19 with a sailing from Clevedon, Penarth & Ilfracombe to the magical Lundy Island.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

PS Waverley - Bristol Channel Day 7

Due to Waverley's cancelled call at Sharpness we have a day with no pictures! Sharpness passengers were bussed to Clevedon Pier to join the ship.

If the appeal to secure PS Waverley's future is not successful this weekend could be the last ever opportunity to sail aboard a Paddle Steamer in the Bristol Channel ending a long standing tradition . . . . . .

SATURDAY JUNE 18 Newport, Penarth, Ilfracombe & Exmoor Coast

SUNDAY JUNE 19 Clevedon, Penarth, Ilfracombe & Lundy Island

PS Waverley - Bristol Channel Day 6

On Wednesday 15th June PS Waverley departed Avonmouth early in the morning and headed down channel to Clevedon, Penarth to Ilfracombe. The ship then headed onwards to Clovelly where a number of passengers went ashore via small boat. Here we see the ship at Ilfracombe in the evening - Pic Jane Jones

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

PS Waverley - Bristol Channel Day 5 (off service)

PS Waverley arrived at Avonmouth this morning for a scheduled off service day. We see her below arriving on a previous visit in 2009.

The day coincided with the best weather of the week as seen below from the survey vessel Investigator which I was skippering on survey duties today.

Monday, 13 June 2011

PS Waverley - Bristol Channel Day 4

Today's cruise saw the steamer depart Clevedon Pier and then onwards to Penarth Pier where she boarded further passengers before crossing the Bristol Channel to Minehead. A short afternoon cruise to Porlock Bay was on offer for those at Minehead also.

A poor start weather wise cleared around midday and the sun made it our shortly after departing from Penarth.

Here we see PS Waverley arriving at Penarth from Clevedon

The mighty Rankin & Blackmore triple-expansion diagonal engine at work on route from Penarth to Minehead.

Arriving at Minehead, a rather tight berth for the paddler!

Following passenger transfer PS Waverley departs Minehead on the afternoon cruise.

Returning to Minehead

Alongside at Minehead

Departing Penarth for Clevedon

Tomorrow the ship will be arriving at Avonmouth for fuel and stores. She will remain alongside off service for the day and return to service on Wednesday with a rather special sailing . . . info and tickets on

Sunday, 12 June 2011

PS Waverley - Bristol Channel Day 3 (or not!)

Due to adverse weather conditions today's sailing from Clevedon, Penarth and Porthcawl did not operate.

Below we take a look at a previous visit by the ship to Porthcawl on 2 June 2005.

Tomorrow's sailing is from Clevedon and Penarth to Minehead with an afternoon cruise to Porlock Bay. On Tuesday the ship is off service and will be in Avonmouth.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

PS Waverley - Bristol Channel Day 2

Today's sailing started at Clevedon then called at Penarth (where we see her here) on passage to Ilfracombe. With only 90 minutes ashore at 'combe and a coach return from Clevedon for Penarth passengers it looked like she wasn't as busy as you may expect for a summer Saturday . . .

Tomorrow see's the ship sailing from Clevedon to Penarth and onwards to Porthcawl where passengers can enjoy time ashore at the Welsh resort. An afternoon cruise is on offer from Porthcawl to view the Welsh Heritage Coast. Weather reports don't look to favourable but we can only hope it is not too disruptive to her schedule.

Friday, 10 June 2011

PS Waverley - Bristol Channel Day 1

Arriving at Penarth Pier this evening having undertaken a cruise of the River Severn and the Islands of Flat Holm and Steep Holm.

Seemed to be a fair number onboard, understand nearly 400 on the cruise up the Severn.