Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Watchet Marina

A selection of pictures taken at Watchet Harbour /Marina today. It appears mud is still an issue at this marina although they have recently purchased a new dredger so hopefully things will improve!

West Somerset Railway - Winter Steam Festival 28 December 2011

A selection from the West Somerset Railway today, most of the home fleet in action for an end of season outing!

ex GWR 2-8-0 3850 at Bishops Lydeard awaiting her departure time of 1100 with a service for Minehead.

ex SDJR 7F 88 with the 1005 for Minehead at Bishops Lydeard

88 departing Washford for Minehead.

3850 arriving at Watchet.

3850 at Minehead and heading onto the turntable for turning.

ex GWR Manor class, 7828 'Odney Manor' as 'Norton Manor' at Minehead.

'Odney Manor' was renamed 'Norton Manor, 40 Commando' to honour the work that the Marines have done and are still doing in various parts of the world. A great shame 'Odney Manor' has lost its true identity. A more permanent name could have been given to WSR's 9351 to honour the Marines work and raised that loco's profile.

ex GWR 6960 Hall Class locomotive 'Raveningham Hall' fresh from a recent overhaul arrives at Minehead. Before going 'on shed' the Hall was used to demonstrate the use of the line's turntable as seen below. One of the best looking British steam locomotive classes around . .

ex GWR 7828 ex Odner Manor prepares to depart for Bishops Lydeard with the 1500 service.

Ready for departure.

ex GWR 6960 'Raveningham Hall'

Driver Colin Henderson on ex GWR 7828

ex GWR 6860 'Raveningham Hall' 'on shed' at Minehead being prepared to work the 1600 to Bishops Lydeard.

Monday, 7 November 2011

Scillonian III enters lay up.

Scillonian III entered lay up in Penzance Wet Dock on Wednesday 2nd November. Here she is seen on Saturday 6th November.

Pictures by Jane Jones

Scillonian III - 34th season complete!

With her 34th season under her keel Scillonian III rests at Albert Pier, Penzance on 30 October 2011.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Caldercraft Marie Felling

A very nicely built Marie Felling at Setley Pond on 29th September.

HMS Lancaster

Model Type 23 Frigate HMS Lancaster at Setley Pond, September 29.

D89 HMS Exeter

A very impressive model of Type 42 Destroyer HMS Exeter at Setley Pond, Hampshire on 29 September.

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Red Funnel Ferries

In the companies 150th year we see 2 of their vessels in operation. A common sight around the Solent area.

Tug Tender Calshot

Awaiting funds for her restoration to continue. Little up to date information available on her or the owning society sadly. Lets hope she has a secure future as she has played an important in the Maritime History of Southampton.

Cruise Ship Balmoral

Outbound from Southampton on 28 September we see Fred Olsen's Balmoral heading down the Solent - a trip the 'real' Balmoral would be no stranger too!

Balmoral left the Solent via the Needles Channel on her way to Vigo.

UKD Cherry Sand

UK Dredgings 1968 built grab dredger still a hard working member of the fleet. Seen here on 23 September at Avonmouth.

RV Discovery

Here we see the 1962 built (later rebuilt) Research Vessel Discovery inbound to Avonmouth on 23 September.

Monday, 19 September 2011

Hebridean Princess - Cardiff 16th September

Here are a selection of pictures of the mini cruise ship Hebridean Princess arriving at Cardiff on Friday 16th September.

Pictures by Jane Jones.